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Mechanical Recycling Feeds



Feedstocks for Mechanical Recycling

The specifications for plastics to be mechanically recycled are more stringent than for advanced recycling. Since these materials will be blended into virgin stocks, they must closely match the physical and chemical nature of the virgin material. In addition, the properties of waste plastic streams that have been mechanically recycled multiple times are degraded and plastics exposed to sunlight for a crop season are degraded by UV stimulated reactions, resulting in both groups being unsuitable for mechanical recycling. This reduces the volume of waste streams that can be mechanically recycled and results in an elevated price versus plastic sold into advanced recycling.

Now is the time to convert valuable post-use plastic for reuse, now is the time to expand advanced recycling and now is our opportunity to advance the circular economy. Together we can solve a pressing global issue: plastic waste.

CPRI is one of an elite few capable of collecting, processing and supplying better-quality plastic waste in a form advanced recycling companies need. Contact us to discuss your particular specifications.