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Sustainability Goals

The use of fossil fuels at the current level is not sustainable, not because there is insufficient oil and gas but because the use of fossil fuels produces greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, that are contributing to a rise in the average global temperature. Adding wind and solar power to this mix will certainly alleviate part of the problem but is not a solution in and of itself because the world simply cannot switch overnight from fossil fuels to wind and solar. It will take decades for this transition. In addition, the demand for products made from plastic is increasing and, at least for the time being, those products will be made from fossil fuels.

It is important to maximize the amount of plastic recycled to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in the manufacturing of polymers; therefore, it is critical that waste plastic feedstock be available in the quantity and at the quality necessary for pyrolysis companies to be able to maximize their output. Circular Polymer Resources is one of an elite few capable of collecting, processing and supplying better-quality plastic waste in a form advanced recycling companies need.

CPRI’s sustainability goal is to divert more and more waste plastic toward recycling and away from landfills and from burning. Our sustainability pledge is rooted in high-quality waste plastic feedstocks to accelerate the circular economy while striving to balance people, enterprise and the environment.